Fleet Motor Club

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Aldermaston Raceway


20th April 2014

Gates Open 8.30am

Scrutineering from 9.30am and ends at 11.00

(late arrivals will miss their 1st heat)

Racing Starts 11.30am (approx)

 “Fun Day”

1800cc domestic bangers and Unlimited Bangers plus Juniors, Eurohatch, Hot Rods. Featuring  £100 prize Ramp Rollover and Junior Bangers, Door nets required, passenger door plates permitted, NO tyre gaiters..

“Event can be subject to cancelation in the event of extreme weather conditions.”

Great fun for all the family.

Trackside car parking for spectators (No large commercial vehicles)


Hot food and drinks available on site.


Ladies and Gent WC facility’s


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Text Box: Tyres
Just a very quick note to advise any drivers using "Competition" tyres of ANY nature, you will NOT be permitted to use them at this circuit. 
If your NOT sure of your tyres being permitted, please, please check with the club before attending a race meeting.

ANY car found to have any "Illegal" tyres on during a racing event will not only "disqualify" the driver from that day's event, but will revoke ALL and ANY points earned up to that day.. This sounds harsh, but the answer is, make sure the tyres are legal for use at this circuit..

We appreciate your assistance and understanding :)

Tyre Gaiters NOT permitted in any formula......

CARS always Wanted.


If you have a car that is NO longer fit for the road and you would like to see it raced.


Please contact us directly or see the Special facebook group   


If you supply or sell “at a reasonable cost” one of our drivers a car, we will give you two FREE entry tickets to see it “Banger’d and Crashed”